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Monday, September 2, 2013

Online writing community

Looking to join an online writing community?
At www.wattpad.com you can both discover stories of others as well as share your own writing. Get feedback from other writers and find out from them how to make your stories more engaging. You must register for membership to this free site, but once logged in, you can access and share writing in a variety of genres, including, of course, historical fiction, poetry, nonfiction, action and many others.  At the community tab, you can participate in a blog and/or join a specialty club, which includes Improve Your Writing, Multimedia Design and Industry Insider. There is also a CafĂ© Club that allows members to connect socially.
I use wattpad as a sounding board to see what others are writing. Many of the stories I find there are written by young, undiscovered writers. Because I write for children and young adults, I find it a good place to get a good sense of what young people say they want to read in the genre of historical fiction.

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