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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A tool to create print documents from your blog or website text.

Yes, it seems that the world is going paperless, and that is a good, green thing, but sometimes you just need a print version of a web text.  Why? Maybe you need a promotional piece to take to a book bookstore or library visit.  Or perhaps you need your website bio in print as a speaker introduction to a book talk.

One free tool in the cloud that allows you to instantly convert any web site text to a print version is printfriendly. At this site, you simply type in the URL of the page you want to make print friendly. In my case, I needed a print bio to send to a writers’ directory, so I typed in my website home page www.marilynwseguin.com and this is the print version   I got.  No need to transcribe the text from the website!

There is also a free widget you can embed  into your website or blog if you want visitors to have the ability to print directly from your site.  And just as soon as I can figure out where to place the HTML code, I plan to embed the widget into this blog!

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