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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fast research!

Ever wish you could quickly grasp the historical context of something without doing all that research?  Well, probably not. If you write historical fiction, doing the research is more than half the fun.  But if you need to grasp a historical concept quickly or you are looking to kill a few hours, check out Crash Course.  John Green teaches you the history of the world in 40 YouTube episodes of Crash Course.

Each video is about twelve minutes long, and titles include The Agricultural Revolution, The Silk Road, Rome, The Crusades, and The Atlantic Slave Trade. These videos are designed for history teachers and their adolescent students.  The two that I viewed were lively and engaging, but annoyingly flip. John Green is really, really enthusiastic. Nevertheless, I learned a great deal that I didn’t know (or had forgotten) when I watched The Silk Road video. You have the option of skipping the commercial that begins each video. These videos are entertaining and enlightening, whether you want to learn something new or brush up on the history that you learned in school.

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